Partnering with Sunwave

Drug and alcohol (particularly opioid) abuse is a worldwide epidemic and unfortunately, it’s not getting any better. The number of patients in treatment has grown almost 20% over the last decade, yet the number of facilities treating these patients has stagnated. Treatment facilities are inundated with referrals yet these operators are forced to divert their time and attention away from patient care in order to manage their facilities. Why was this so? Our research indicated that incumbent technologies have been largely unchallenged and have had little reason to evolve. We found these incumbent solutions to be (i) siloed, (ii) antiquated in their implementation and support, (iii) cost prohib more

Why we founded Blueprint

Does the world need another investment firm? In all honesty, probably not. Record amounts of capital are being raised / deployed. And fewer and fewer firms / businesses are recipients of that capital. What does that mean? Everyone is moving up-market and who could blame them? As a fund manager, a bigger fund means bigger fees (salary) for me. How can I turn that down? As an entrepreneur, if someone is willing to write me a big check, how can I turn that down too? If I don't take the money, perhaps my competitor will, and I'll be in big trouble. We founded Blueprint to provide expansion capital to businesses that have just scratched the surface of their potential. It's our brea more