Construction is a massive, yet highly antiquated market ripe for disruption. We've found the vast majority of technology companies serve the mid-market and enterprise, leaving smaller-sized commercial and residential subcontractors largely underserved. Why is this so? SMB contractors are a difficult to serve audience - they are simply too busy and margins are too thin to have the time and resources to adopt expensive software that's not purpose-built for their smaller practice.

We first connected with the CompanyCam team almost two years ago, having heard positive reviews of its product from a number of industry sources who raved about its application and its ease of use - we believe the latter is a defining characteristic in attracting a difficult to acquire clientele.

CompanyCam had been lightly capitalized to date, was growing very quickly, and didn't need capital. But after spending more time with the management team, we realized our vision for the future was highly aligned, and most importantly, we enjoyed working together.

We are very excited to be partners with Luke, Tullen, Levi and the entire CompanyCam team and look forward to the future with them!