Drug and alcohol (particularly opioid) abuse is a worldwide epidemic and unfortunately, it’s not getting any better. The number of patients in treatment has grown almost 20% over the last decade, yet the number of facilities treating these patients has stagnated. Treatment facilities are inundated with referrals yet these operators are forced to divert their time and attention away from patient care in order to manage their facilities. Why was this so? Our research indicated that incumbent technologies have been largely unchallenged and have had little reason to evolve. We found these incumbent solutions to be (i) siloed, (ii) antiquated in their implementation and support, (iii) cost prohibitive, and (iv) cumbersome to use – all of which contribute to facility inefficiencies and ultimately poor patient care.

When we first connected with the Sunwave team, we had already heard very positive reviews of their product and how they were differentiated in the industry – namely, their ability to deliver a fully-capable all-in-one solution to manage patients, electronic medical records, and billing. Sunwave had been bootstrapped to date, was growing very quickly, and didn’t need capital. But after spending significant time with the management team, we realized Sunwave could leverage our experience building and scaling their sales / marketing teams as it began its next phase of growth. But most importantly, we realized quickly that we got along well and shared a similar vision for Sunwave.

We are very excited to be partnered with Elie, Jay, Jon, and the entire Sunwave team and look forward to building alongside them!