Does the world need another investment firm? In all honesty, probably not.

Record amounts of capital are being raised / deployed. And fewer and fewer firms / businesses are recipients of that capital. What does that mean? Everyone is moving up-market and who could blame them? As a fund manager, a bigger fund means bigger fees (salary) for me. How can I turn that down? As an entrepreneur, if someone is willing to write me a big check, how can I turn that down too? If I don't take the money, perhaps my competitor will, and I'll be in big trouble.

We founded Blueprint to provide expansion capital to businesses that have just scratched the surface of their potential. It's our bread and butter. It's where we have had the most impact helping build businesses alongside entrepreneurs and consequently, where we have generated the most returns. It's a segment of a market that has been largely vacated by our (successful) peers who have moved upstream and one we're happy to operate in as long as we can.

You may ask what does expansion capital mean? And what are our other investment parameters?

We look for businesses generating a minimum of $1 million in revenues (generally a range between $1 and $10 million) where product-market fit has been proven (at least minimally) with a subset of a much broader market. We partner exclusively with bootstrapped operators who have built their businesses largely on revenues. Our average initial investment size is $3 - 10 million. We look for highly-addictive enterprise applications within enterprise / B2B software, fintech (specifically payments), and tech-enabled services. We look for products core to the day-to-day operations of a business and we look for industry veterans / domain experts who have lived a problem they are solving with their business.

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