Luke, Tullen, Bobby, and Sheldon tell the story:

  • Luke and Tullen (CEO and VP of Finance):

    We are a proud Nebraskan company and our culture has always been our top priority. We figured if we focused on making our customers happy, referrals would continue to be strong, our growth would be too, and all good things would come from there. We knew finding the right capital partner would one day be important but it was very much on the back burner.

  • Sheldon Lewis and Bobby Ocampo:

    We knew quite a bit about the construction space through our investment in eSUB. eSUB focuses on the mid- / enterprise market of commercial subcontractors, a significant market, but we always believed the long-tail of both commercial and residential contractors to be underserved. There didn’t seem to be a dominant player in this segment, which appealed to us, but finding the right business with an efficient sales and marketing engine, coupled with strong retention metrics would have significant potential.

  • Luke:

    I first spoke to Blueprint in late 2018 when we were a much smaller business. We liked and trusted their team, and especially liked that they knew what we were trying to accomplish – given their prior experience, we didn’t have to sell them on the market opportunity. Most importantly, I thought culturally we were a strong fit for one another. They know where they’re strong and they dive-in there, but they never try to pretend to know everything.

  • Sheldon and Bobby:

    It was a two year courtship which isn’t atypical. And consummating the investment during the ongoing pandemic was not easy. But it was apparent early that the team complemented each other well and we were all highly aligned with our goals for the business. Every team member we interacted with was high integrity and super smart.

  • Tullen:

    What I really liked about the Blueprint team is how eager they were to dive into the details and how nimble they were. When you add in the fact that culturally I thought we were a natural fit for one another, the decision to bring Blueprint on as a capital partner was easy. I can’t think of many investment firms that know our space, understand the numbers, and are as nimble / aggressive as they are.

  • Sheldon and Bobby:

    We’re super excited to be working with the CompanyCam team. The market is massive and Luke and his team have done a tremendous job thus far.